Monday, May 18, 2015


Home buying and selling can be a lengthy process. If you are selling your home, then you want to receive the highest offer possible. A clean and well-maintained home can bring you more money than a home that needs deep cleaning and repairs. There are a number of ways to improve the look of your home.

The first step to cleaning is to declutter every room in your home. Your home needs to appeal to a wide range of potential buyers. Decluttering is an effective way to accomplish this task. This rule also applies to rental cleaning of your domestic investment properties. Read about the following five most common spring cleaning tip suggested by Hygienic Solutions Australia  that may sell your home faster.

1. Clean kitchen and bathroom cabinets with a hot sponge and a cleaner that contains orange oil. An easy way to heat up your sponge is to place it in the microwave for 20 to 30 seconds. Wear gloves while cleaning to protect your delicate hands.

2. Shower doors and bathroom tile attracts scum, mold and mildew. The easiest way to get rid of this is to use a glass cleaner. A razor blade makes scraping off tough residue easier. Use a dry cloth to dry of areas as you clean.

3. Use microfiber cloths instead of paper or cotton towels for window cleaning. They also lift dirt and dust faster than other clothes because of the tiny fibers. Microfiber cloths will not scratch delicate surfaces on your electronics. Clean them by tossing them into the washing machine when you are finished.

4. Use a leaf blower instead of a broom to sweep the garage of dirt, dust and debris. You can buy an electric model for under $50 and it is faster than a broom. A leaf blower is also a great way to clean driveways, patios and walkways.

5. Remove unwanted pet hair from upholstered furniture using duct tape instead of vacuum cleaning. Wrap duct tape around the shell of a paint roller for faster cleaning. This will also work well on your vehicle’s cloth upholstery.