Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Tips for making your home ready for sale

If you have to put your home up for sale, prepare your home as you would like to find a home when you are house hunting. For potential buyers, it just takes seconds to decide whether the house feels up to their standards or not. No one is going to give second thoughts to your home if they feel that they will have to make additional expenses towards renovation, unless, of course, you are giving away your property at throw-away prices.

5 Tips to Make Your Home Sale Ready

Tips to Make Home Ready for Sale
Here are some tips that will immediately enhance the look of your property, and help buyers make up their mind about making it their home.
  • Spruce up the Door:

A door is the first thing that people will look at. A brightly painted door immediately attracts attention and sets the tone of the house. So, get your front door painted nicely. If you are lousy at DIY, don’t do it at all – nobody likes to be welcomed with a door that has dried dripping paint on the edges.
  • Lighting is Important:

Good lighting can completely transform a dull area into a warm, comforting space. If the entry to your house is via a garden, make the pathway to the front door inviting by installing lights concealed in trees or shrubs.
  • Clean the Windows:

Dirty windows are easily spotted from a distance and they can mar the look of a house from the outside like nothing else. If you have casement windows, clean the edges of the sashes well. Rotten window frames are a big turn off; it is advisable that you replace them with good quality ones. You can check out products from Fenesta which is one of the best door and window manufacturers in India.
  • Add Some Green:

Even if you have limited space, adding some greenery can bring life to your house. Creepers trailing up houses or main entrances are a beautiful sight to behold, and all you need is a little piece of ground to grow them. Alternatively, get some window boxes and plant ivy or a flowering creeper that will drape your house.
  • Brighten up the Fa├žade:

Re-paint your dull walls and repair damaged brickwork. Peeling plaster will scare buyers away even before they enter the house. Choose a subtle paint color for the exteriors, reserve the bright ones only for the door.

There’s something called the “curb appeal”. It’s a term that refers to the overall impression your house makes when one looks at it from outside.  Apart from the building, the impression will also be made by the surroundings around your home that also includes your neighbor’s home. So, instead of whining about their garbage cans lying helter skelter around the premise, clean them up as you would do to your own. Make sure that your lawns or gardens are not littered with leaves or covered with over-grown grass. Because when they say the first impression is the last impression, they are probably right.

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