Monday, October 6, 2014

Creating a Modern Master Bedroom

It's your haven. Your lair. Your hideaway. The one place you can kick back, relax, feel serene and sexy and, ultimately, shut out the world and slumber.
Only it's not much of a haven, it's certainly not a lair, and not only does the room exude the exact opposite of sexiness, it's also far more tired than you are. It's your bedroom, and if it isn't doing it for you, it's time for a contemporary re-do.

"When you picture a contemporary bedroom, you most likely think of pale woods, plenty of white sheets and lots of monochrome," said 1kindesign. "However, being contemporary doesn't mean you have to sacrifice charisma or personality."
Here are four ways to express yourself in a modern master.

Textured eclectic, with a bit of the exotic
It's a look that lets you expresses a worldly style and mix and match textures, patterns, and pops of color against a neutral palette.

Glam and personal
Touches of luxury make it feel high-end, while art and accessories make it feel yours. By staying with mostly neutral hues, you can get more creative with shapes without veering too far into contemporaryville.

You know how you always feel a little "more" when you're in a hotel? More sophisticated, more amorous, more luxurious? Turn your bed into a hotel-like space and you just might feel like that all the time.

Mismatched but complementary
It's the bedroom version of keep it simple, stupid. You don't have to do matchy-matchy as long as you retain elements in common. Here, again, it's the neutral color palette, along with the clean lines and low profile of the furniture.
You can see more examples of bedrooms in a myriad of styles on HGTV.